Our Mission Statment

Tomorrow’s ideas… one day I will die, but today I lived and tomorrow I hope to live again. We are tomorrow, and tomorrow will be better because today we lived. We are tomorrow’s generation, and we have ideas - ideas to offer to the world, to make known, to share and to grow.

A box is a protective casing, area or enclosed space within straight lines. Particularly, boxes are used for transporting material from one place to the next. Our minds are trapped, not by the physical walls of a box, but by the tendency to stay within the norm - we are afraid of expansion and expressions of individuality.
If you are not happy with the things in your life - books, clothes, art, music, sports - you simply can create your own. We are the upcoming generation that is willing to bring forth our ideas and share them with the world for the common good of all. We are trying to do so through education, equality and opportunity for all who lack. Not knowing if tomorrow is granted for us, we must pave a way for those who will follow with peace, love and positivity.

Our goal is to impact the youth at a young age and open their minds. They are free to create anything and everything that their minds will allow - fleeing mental slavery that society has pressured them into. We believe that everyone is an artist, simply because everyone has an imagination.  
You have an imagination and you are constantly creating images in your mind, but nearly none of those images make it to reality. With the power of imagination, recognized and freed in the youth, we hope to make ideas become a reality. By creating and bringing forth our ideas we, Kesho Wazo will  improve the living standard for men, women, and children all over the world.