As a known supporter of Kesho Wazo, we believe you to be a person who can connect us with potential donors. Please share this information with people who invest in youth empowerment and creative ideas. This is an exciting new venture that we are sure you’re curious about, if you’d like more information please call 207-618-2963 or email keshowazo@gmail.com.


          Portland needs the ideas of the local oppressed youth. While Maine suffers from population aging, so do Portland’s youth from lack of support and resources needed to explore their dreams. Since this reality exists for many of us, we often turn to other states and more welcoming communities. Kesho Wazo has worked tirelessly to provide this opportunity of self-expression by working with kids from the Portland Housing Study Centers, Casco Bay High School, Lyman Moore, and The Maine Girls Academy. Finally, after two years of dedicating ourselves to this mission, this work has lead us to acquiring our own space. Thanks to Maine Initiatives and the Grants For Change, the studio is above the Maine State Theater, a highly visible location.  Here, we plan to have music producing, screen printing, photography, painting, performing, filmmaking, and community dialogues. These are artforms we have copious experience in and are now ready to share our talents with Portland’s Youth in this new, judgment free, creative space. Letting underprivileged kids explore their creative ideas in whichever art forms they choose is a truly unique experience only Kesho Wazo can provide. We can’t tell you how key this new space is to our vision of Portland’s youth getting to freely express themselves without any limits or judgements.


Although our new studio seems like it should exist as a human right, it comes with a financial burden that we need help carrying. To make this space everything we’ve dreamed of, there is equipment we need funding for. This equipment includes:

·       Office Furniture & Supplies (Desks, tables, chairs, white boards, printer, paper)

·       Screen Printing Materials (Printing Turnstile, Washing Chemicals, Squeegees and Clothing)

·       Musical Recording Equipment (Microphone, Speakers, and Recording Booth)

·        Art Materials (Canvases, Paint, Paintbrushes)

·       Creative Technology (Digital Drawing Pad, Desktop Computers, and Televisions)


We expect this initial capital investment to be upwards of $15,000. In addition to the equipment, there are housekeeping expenses as well like Rent, Internet, and Electricity. We expect the average monthly expenses to be: $1,137. Of course, we plan on charging membership and equipment use fees to eventually become self-sustaining but to break-even we need a significant amount of financial support.


          That’s where you come in. We believe you to be a severely connected and affluent person/organization in Greater Portland and know that you care about fixing the issues that we are striving to fix.

          Some of these benefits include

  • Keeping young, intelligent Mainers in the local economy.

  • Creating a positive youth culture and creative outlet in Portland to lift them out of poverty and adversity

  • Establishing Portland as a place that welcomes and cares for the dreams of Young New Mainers.

We urge you to show your support for these causes and help us fund our studio. Please help us cover some of the equipment & materials costs, pledge to pay a monthly percentage of our operational costs, donate similar equipment or direct us to organizations that can, or simply share this letter with your network.

          Thank you for your support, to learn more about the operations and finances or to lock in a donation please email keshowazo@gmail.com.


          Peace and Love,

Kesho Wazo


For any questions or clarifications please email keshowazo@gmail.com.